NCC is a network made up of producers of media for children, advocates for child rights and children who participate in media.

We will pull together television producers and presenters, creators of online media and materials, reporters and columnists and children who engage in producing or presenting media for children.

We will partner with all stakeholders: Federal Government (FG), State Government (SG), Private Sector (PS), National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), Non-Government Organisation (NGO) and Media Executives as we mainstream childrens issues using media as our tool.

We will seek to understand child rights, issues related to it and seek to advocate against abuse of all forms against all children using different mediums especially the media.

We will ensure that children and young people’s rights are actively promoted and protected.

We will develop and promote advocacy for children and young people with concerns about services provided to them by local, state and federal government.

We will lobby for the passing of Child Rights Acts in States that are yet to do so. And ensure that the bill is respected in States where passed.

We will serve as independent advocate to connect children in need or abusive situations to care.

We will represent children’s views and/or empower them to speak for themselves.

We will limit our focus to children. Youth according the United Nations is the age between 15 and 25 while children are between 0 and 19. Youths have been known to speak for themselves while children have been silenced for so long.

The alliance we form will give voice to issues relating to children as we advocate through the media and monitor media content to ensure it is adequate and safe for children.

Pending our local registration, the alliance has been formed using the GYC mandate. The NCC is promoted by a media team under the auspices of Cares Global Network.


2 Responses to ABOUT NCC

  1. Yinka olaito says:

    We are involved in Child Rights and potential development issue (www.africanchildright.org), how can we be part of this Network?

  2. Anne 'Muyiwa says:

    Very simple. Write to us at willowsmagazine@gmail.com telling us what you have done previously and what you can offer the network in terms of plans we can collaborate on or ideas you would want us to explore. We in turn will respond and add your bio to our list of partners. We look forward to working with you in the best interest of children.

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