Presently we have 6 team members. They will continue to promote the NCC mission and bring in more producers of children’s media and children who participate in media:

1. Omolola Famuyiwa: A media specialist, media advocate and child development expert with years of experience. She is Editor of Willows Magazine and Project Director of Cares Global Network.

2. Kemi Oyewole: She is the Founder and Executive Director of Global Network for Community Development. She has years of experience as a radio producer and presenter with FRCN.

3. Funmi Ajumobi: She is the page Editor of Kiddies, the Vanguard Newspaper weekly page and monthly pull out for children.

4. Funke Treasure Durodola: She is the Vice President, Alumni Association at School of Media and Communication, Pan-African University, Lagos, Nigeria and the Head of Presentation at Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, Metro FM 97.6 .

5.  Rotimi Oyekanmi: He is the Head of Education Desk at Guardian Newspapers, Nigeria. He has years of experience as a media advocate.

6. Tosin Famuyiwa: She is a member of the Willows Club and participant in a number of children’s programmes. She won the award for best student in the 2009 Senior Secondary School Examination for Zone 5 in Lagos State.


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