NCC Participated in the Executive Sessions of the Youth Assembly (YA+11B) which took place from January 31 to February 1, 2013 at the United Nations Headquarters. Participants were majorly youth leaders (15-25) engaged in UN or MDG studies, young professionals (22-28), stakeholders and media observers drawn from various fields including academic, social entrepreneurship, non-profit and info-tech fields.  Professionals, New Technology, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Social Entrepreneurship for the MDGs.

The MDGs and Beyond:  Youth Leaders Making a Difference, Today and Tomorrow was the theme of the session. There were plenary sessions, workshops, round table discussions, networking space through which young people learned and expanded their knowledge in various areas of interest.

Renowned speakers and expert workshop facilitators were drawn for the United Nations and other credible organisations from around the world.

The Youth Assembly equips youths with the skills and tools needed to go back to their communities and continue the work for social change with a new perspective. It allows young leaders, through dialogue, to reach a greater understanding of the complex nature of international relations, creative activism and diplomacy.

The goal of the Youth Assembly includes the following:

  1. Provide information about the work, successes and current challenges of the UN
  2. Promote increased youth participation in UN programs, agencies and NGO affiliates
  3. Strengthen commitment to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals
  4. Connect committed youth with opportunities, mentors, colleagues, and new associates
  5. Recognise the diplomatic efforts of young people involved in development and humanitarian initiatives
  6. Promote renewal of a commitment to serve and respect the UN.

Those who participated had the privilege of doing the following:

  1. Learning about the UN and how to become involved in the success of the 8 UN MDGs
  2. Heard great speakers and workshop leaders
  3. Voiced opinions on urgent issues and made lasting impact on solutions to the issues
  4. and help make a permanent impact throughout the world
  5. Met other dedicated young people from all over the world  

Some background:

At the Millennium General Assembly in 2000, all Heads of State created and unanimously agreed to work toward the accomplishment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). But it is the people of each country that must come together to take action to see that these goals are achieved and that we can finally live in a New Millennium that we are proud to bequeath to future generations of all nations.

“The International Youth Assembly at the United Nations provided me with a chance to hear about the issues that are normally ignored. I received the greatest gift that can ever be given: knowledge. It was refreshing and empowering to see so many young people concerned with global issues and finding ways to take action.” – Mariel Maughan, Richmond, Virginia

“I had a great time at the UN. The information that I learned from the assembly helped me to have a better understanding of today’s world, the peace process and the most importantly, that all these NGO’s are working hard to help the UN meet its MDG’s.” – Stella Xu, China

The annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations grew out of a relationship with the Friendship community affiliated with the Department of Public Information and others, thereby the events are to be primarily informational and inspirational. The YA is NOT for the preparation of plenary statements or petitions and the like; the YA is an idea leadership event that offers practical advice, guidance, networking, and outreach to those who attend.

The Youth Assembly at the United Nations is a project of Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, Inc. and sponsored by several Permanent Missions to the United Nations, with participation of International NGOs, U.N. Agencies, universities and civil society organizations throughout the world. The conference is not organised by the U.N. Secretariat.


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